Friday, July 12, 2013

Vicky & Chris Get Married!


Christophe, I promise to love and care for you and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love, trust, and respect. I will always be honest with you, kind, patient, supportive, understanding and forgiving. Yes, even when sometimes being all of that is in itself a challenge. But most of all, I promise to be a true and loyal friend to you. I will love you through good and the bad, through joy and the sorrow, the ugly and the beautiful. Maybe not so much the ugly…kidding! I want to face all of life’s experiences and share beautiful dreams and goals with you. I promise to be your equal partner in a loving, honest, and nurturing marriage, for as long as we both shall live. Je t’aime enormement, mon mari.
P.S.: I will even learn to speak your native language to save you the trouble of translating each time we are in the company of French people.:)

Monday, October 29, 2012

REVIEW: REEBOK Shapewear, The (Great) Shape of Things to Come

Ladies, this one's a definite must-have in our fitness arsenal!

Note: As published on TOTAL FITNESS magazine September issue.


Us women know this very well. We go to fitness clubs to work off the excess body fat, lumpy thighs and arms, and that unsightly wobble on our midsection by doing circuit workouts or joining various group exercises.  But even before we get to that point where we can confidently walk into the shower room, drop our towels and not feel slightly embarrassed by the droop and jiggle on our underwear-clad bodies, we all go through the phase of feeling a little insecure about our form – no exception.

Knowing that we can’t all be instant-hot on our first day at the gym, doesn’t mean we can allow our own little insecurities to discourage us from going after our fitness mission. After all, we workout for a reason. Thanks to the new Reebok Shapewear, I have discovered that I don’t have to recoil each time I check myself out in the mirror, all sweaty and exhausted, during intense cardio workouts. But first, have you tried wearing the Shapewear PlayDry top and capri pants? They’re the most comfortable workout gear you can ever have on your backs!

The Shapewear collection is made out of super-soft fabric that glides over your skin and hugs your shape perfectly but still giving you that support and mobility you require to get active and still look, well, fetching! Us, women, generally want to look and feel good even in all of our sweat-soaked glory at the gym and usually, our workout gear has a lot to do with this.  Reebok Shapewear boasts of its innovative Shape ‘n’ Hug technology that helps control and smooth out problem areas, namely the tummy, hips, thighs and bottom, so you instantly get that more streamlined appearance from just putting on the top and bottom. What more, they won’t even know that your shapely figure is actually getting a little boost from the double-layer design of Shapewear which basically features secret control panels to the under-layer and then covered with a fashionable and brightly-colored outer-layer that skims and caresses your figure. Okay, so maybe that’s cheating a little bit, but hey, it makes me feel amazing nonetheless so I suggest you try it!

And because it is crafted from PlayDry performance fabric, Shapewear also keeps excessive moisture away from your skin for quick evaporation, keeping you dry and comfortable during your workout. So ladies, if you’re looking for a workout wardrobe that is not only functional but also flattering and very comfortable, you’ll do well by checking out Reebok Shapewear.

Report Card
Pretty points                          A
Build quality                          A+
Ease of use                             A
Value for money                    B+
Overall performance              A

Friday, September 21, 2012

TOTAL FITNESS: Ways To A More Intimate Relationship

I have loved once and lost. And a few times after that, deluded myself into thinking I have loved again and, if you ask me, I am glad I took those chances, no matter the outcome. The men that I dated with while I was looking out for that perfect love and perfect relationship made my existence meaningful, if not adventuresome, even though for some of them, I couldn’t really give a label beyond the very passé ‘we’re just friends’. But for sure, they will turn up once or twice in the anecdotes to tell and moments to re-live through my grandchildren. (Or grandchild. Philippine Government might suddenly adopt the one-child policy considering the Filipinos’ propensity to mass-produce.) Despite the failed relationships, deep down I have always wanted a Rhett Butler, the only kind of a guy who would be able to rein-in the Scarlett O’Hara in me, except that our ending won’t be like that of Gone With The Wind because we will live and love happily ever after. But as I get older and made wiser by experience, I realize that these romantic illusions are nothing but poor substitutes for real, vulnerable and connected intimacy, which is really, what we should be looking for in a relationship. So how, then, do we get there? How do we veer away from the metaphors of romantic love, learn to accept our own shortcomings and that of our partner; make our relationship work and most importantly, stay happy? First, let’s start with a clear understanding of what real love is and redefine the fairytale and update it into a healthier type of love.

1. Learn to love the distances in relationships as much as the togetherness. That’s what poet extraordinaire Rainier Maria Rilke has to say about relationships. Forget about Jerry Maguire and his ‘You complete me’ line that has got most of us swooning right where we’re standing. Relationships are not meant for someone to make you whole but for both parties to come together and share their lives interdependently – not codepedently. Let go of that romantic ideal of merging and becoming one, instead, be your own person so you may contribute to the joy and happiness of the relationship and not be the one sucking the life out it. 

2. Ditch the blinders and see your partner for who he/she really is and learn to appreciate what you see. When we’re in love, we are inclined to view our romantic partners with stars in our eyes. We think we know them well, without realizing that we are projecting in them our own idea of a fairytale partner. This is usually when the romantic tragedy occurs and we left stewing in disappointment and frustration. If you want to take the next step into a more intimate relationship, get to know your partner by listening, observing, and talking, and keeping an open mind about his/her weaknesses and learning how to embrace them.

3. Drop the blame game and be willing to learn from each other. Face it, you are both far from being perfect and there is always some room for improvement. During a disagreement or clashing of opinions, rather than pointing fingers and fighting over who’s right and who’s wrong, be conscious of weaknesses that you also need to work on and change.

4. Embrace your ‘Alone Time’. While you are technically considered one half of a couple, there’s no reason for you not to pursue your own creative interests. As stated in point number one, you must first be happy and content with your own self and in your own body before you can even hope to bring joy to the relationship. And one way of keeping yourself happy is by doing creative things or just simply meditating on your ‘alone time’.

5. Fight fair. Too often, we tend to treat those whom we are in a relationship with less respect than we do mere acquaintances. This is why disagreements between couples can turn very damaging with all the name-calling, finger pointing, and screaming. These emotional fights, if not managed well, might as well be the final straw that broke the camel’s back. That is why it is important for couples to learn the art of fighting fair, if they are so keen on finding solutions to problems and becoming more intimate with each other.

6. Embrace day-to-day ordinariness. Once the dust of the honeymoon stage settles, you will discover ordinariness, and it’s nothing like the high-octane level of excitement you’ve gotten used to during the first few months. That’s normal. What isn’t is your rabid avoidance or denial of the ordinary. Learn how to embrace the day-to-day grind with your partner and think of ways to spice it up. Do chores together, such as grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning the house, or even take a shower together every now and then.

Some of us may still be looking to romance and constant togetherness as a means to fill the deep void in yourself. This is a surefire recipe for disaster. By expecting to receive love in certain ways to avoid giving that love to yourself, you are being codependent and that is not healthy. Learn to draw upon your own inner-resources to give love, attention, and care to yourself when you need it – only then can you offer the same amount of love, attention and care to your partner. Remember that intimacy in not just about what goes on in the bedroom. Intimacy is the sum total of the emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual components of your relationship with your partner.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TOTAL FITNESS: Fifty Shades of FIT

As published on TOTAL FITNESS Magazine September 2012 issue. Grab a copy today!

Preparing for a destination wedding can be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Put that side-by-side with a corporate role that puts you at the helm of your company’s annual flagship event and not only do you get zits the size of Jupiter; you also find yourself purposely ferreting diversions in an attempt to keep your sanity intact. In my case, I found two: Nike Training Club and Fifty Shades of Grey. Now, I’m all-woman and it’s quite expected that a non-literature piece like Fifty Shades would evoke exactly the kind of degenerate sensations E.L. James had deliberately sought to overpower us with her international bestseller trilogy.

On the wedding prep front, I have been getting a lot of help from various wedding apps I have downloaded from the Apple app store: digital magazines, wedding planner app, and my favorite Vera Wang Weddings from which I have lifted tons of elements for my own wedding inspiration.  Some days I find it truly exhilarating, looking at wedding gown designs, flowers, cakes, etc.; but seeing as I am far from being a traditional blushing bride, getting lost in a dreamy haze of wedded bliss is actually a rare occasion for me. For some reason, I just don’t do romance like most women.  The work front, however, is a little bit trickier than the wedding and the occasional feeling of not being in total control of certain elements and the helplessness that comes with it have, on more than one occasion, given me panic attacks.

People have different ways of coping with or handling situations and stressors and mine has always been physical in nature.  This is where Nike Training Club comes into the picture. As a mobile app, Nike Training Club allows you to create your own workout program using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (required iOS.4.0 or later) and to do your workout anytime, anywhere. As well as giving you detailed videos on how to complete each exercise, NTC records your progress and allows you to unlock rewards such as smoothie recipes, additional workouts from top trainers, and training tips as you accumulate workout minutes. And best of all, NTC is completely FREE and offers videos demonstrating hundreds of exercises. It has workouts to suit every level of fitness. Some of the exercises use kettle balls and hand weights, but they can also be completed without them, or by using household substitutes such as bottled water or anything that carries substantial amount of weight that can be used as equipment for a good workout. I have only started doing NTC quite recently so I have not racked up enough minutes yet to unlock many more workouts (as a bonus) but I have already decided I’m in love with it because unlike Insanity, you can actually customize your own workout using NTC.

And what about Fifty Shades, you ask? Truth be told, I had not intended to succumb to the Christian-Anastacia carnal fever, but as my friend had giddily emailed me the PDF file with his personal take on the much talked-about pornographic book, I did not need any more cajoling. I flipped open page one on my iPad and I – close your eyes and cover your ears if you’re a minor reading this – found myself opening the door to the Red Room of Pain and not wanting to leave, for the next 50 years. On hindsight, picking up this book well into my own wedding preparation is probably one half-arsed decision because how can I now concentrate on my own happy-ever-after when Mr. Grey, albeit purely fictional, offers a dangerously thrilling alternative far more exciting than chocolates and roses.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog contest: MAFRO Sports

So, here I am at rainy Sentul City in Bogor, Indonesia, just mere four days before the biggest annual event of our company rolls out the red carpet for 8,000 or so participants and things have just been hectic my pimples have decided they wanted to stay a bit longer on my face - probably to keep me company lest it gets too lonely out here. LMAO.

No, really. I'm having green tea while uploading some pre-event photos on our FB fan pages when I thought of launching another contest. Why? Because I have 15 minutes to burn before we rush to the venue for more meetings and well, I happen to have a few more funky stuff to give away. I'm talking about cool MAFRO football shirts which I will be giving away to the lucky winner to be announced on the 14th of September. Now am I the sweetest or what?

So here's the deal: You have 2 weeks to join the contest so click on rafflecopter below and spread the word! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, August 27, 2012

IMMUVIT Fearless Challenge: I think, therefore, I AM Fearless.

I haven't done that many trail races (as of writing, I have only done five trail adventure races: the 2009 Men's Health All-Terrain Race at Sta. Elena, the first Merrell Trail Adventure in 2010, Mt. Pinatubo 50k Trail Ultramarathon in 2010, 65k Frontrunner Valley Trail Challenge in which I DNF'd much to my chagrin, and the 3rd Merrell Adventure Run last June) but there is no denying that I love trail running more than I could ever love road races mainly because of the amount of air and noise pollution I get exposed to when running in the Metro. Besides that, I don't think road races can and will ever be able to give me the peace and, at the same time, the exhilaration I feel out there in the woods. Make that a muddy, slippery trail and I have just gone way above the happiest mark in the happy-o-meter!

I like filth. No, not that kind of filth but the mud-caking-on-my-face-and-body-oh-my-god-I-look-like-a-homeless-person-with-my-lifeless-hair-plastered-all-over-my-face-like-that kind. Never mind if I get bruises and scrapes, too, as bonus. I like my scars. I think they give me some sort of character. I have accumulated tons of them over the years - from falling down mango trees; falling off bikes; getting scratched by cats or getting bitten by dogs (I was bitten twice when I was a kid) and all sorts of accidents I always seem to conveniently get into.
It's no wonder then that I fell mighty in love with yesterday's IMMUVIT Fearless Challenge where I got to do all sorts of stunts including but, of course, not limited to getting sticky and squishy mud on my person.

Before this, I was pretty convinced Merrell Trail Adventure held at Timberland last June would be tough to beat in my all-time favorite races category. But now, I am sorry to say that IMMUVIT Fearless Challenge has officially taken over the top spot.

Without Limits certainly pulled all the stops in bringing 500 runners (number of runners was only kept at a maximum of 500, by the way) all the obstacle fun their adventurous hearts can handle. If you ask me, they had me at the first obstacle - the fire wall.
Obstacle course no. 1: Check!
From there, it was soaring, muddy hills challenging my legs, until I reached the second obstacle - the mud pit, where I had to crawl real low before hitting the trail running, again. By this time, I was already on fire - totally unperturbed by my state of disarray (hair ugly, face muddy, etc)!

Then came the log walls where I had to leap over logs of varying height - some of them as high as my chest, making it almost impossible for my short legs to jump over! For this, I had to step on the proffered hand by the marshall, haul my body off the ground, hug the log like a friggin' monkey and jump over to the other side. That, too, was a lot of fun!

After covering more ground - or mud - I finally reached the military wall where I caught up with a few more runners from Wave 5, of which I was part of. It was here that my gloves first found its purpose because I had to climb up the nylon rope to get to the platform on top before sliding on my backside down to the other side of the wall. I could not have been more G.I. Jane-ish than this!
So, I don't think G.I. Jane ever looked this ugly!

From there, it was all running again until I reached the next obstacle course which involved  running across tire set - supposed to be good in testing one's balance and agility - and it scared me a little bit because I'm usually very clumsy and uncoordinated with these things! Thankfully, I didn't misstep and fall flat on my face or that would have been extremely painful and embarrassing.
Trees and mud -- what's not to love?
And then came my most favorite part of the obstacle series, the mud wall! To get to the mud wall, I had to go down the stream and wade in knee-deep waters. But alas, I slipped on the rocks and I ended up getting submerged chest-deep! Have I mentioned I'm clumsy?! At the foot of the wall, there were already a few men standing in line, waiting for the helmets to be passed to them and for the nylon ropes to be lowered so they can start with their ascent. Finally it was my turn and surprisingly, I kind of just breezed through it!

There was one more log crossing - and again, I looked like a drenched monkey clinging on to the highest of the logs - and one more fire wall before I finally crossed the finish line with the broadest smile ever seen on my face!
Superhero wannabe. 
I wonder how much fun I will have in the next leg of the IMMUVIT Fearless Challenge series? Can't wait!

Here are more photos post-race. Enjoy!
Fearless Team REEBOK
With WITHOUT LIMITS PHILS. Race Dir. Ian Alacar
With Jay Em of Pro Active Sports
Fearless, fierce, and all-female.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Win THRIV Natural Performance Wear from ZALORA!

Two things I am quite smitten with these days: Fitness and Zalora. Of the two, Zalora is a more recent passion. As I've mentioned in my previous blog entry here, my search for the perfect rain boots was what actually led me to check out the biggest online retail website in the country. And I had such a good experience with them that I made a few more small purchases after that. Fitness, on the other hand, is something which I have been romancing for quite a while now and mind you, the rewards have so far been very encouraging, if not ego-boosting.:)

And because Zalora wants all of you gorgeous ladies out there to have the same awesome online shopping experience while you go about your fitness regimen, they're giving away one (1) set of THRIV Natural Performance Wear to one very lucky blog visitor!

Thriv is a performance wear brand known for its patented Bamboo Performance Technology that fuses together a unique blend of viscose from bamboo, organic cotton, and elastane - making it a more versatile and high-performance wear as compared with the traditional polyester fabric.
So, are you excited yet? To join, check out the contest mechanics by clicking on the Rafflecopter below.

Remember, contest will run for only a limited period of time so hurry! And when you're done, Loves, don't forget to spread the word!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hello, I'm Vicky and I still live here

So, like, when you've been away from home for a considerable amount of time? And suddenly you make a random visit and everything feels, well, strange, even though you practically grew up there. That's how I feel now, navigating around my old online domicile - this blog. As you know, I sort of have a new place here, but when nostalgia hits, I get my kick out of reading really really really old posts, some of which make my skin crawl because of the sheer banality of it all. Whatever I was on during that period of reckless abandon, I am mighty glad I snapped out of before I even became completely overwhelmed and lost.

Sometimes, I even catch myself feeling guilty about these random visits - like I imagine an errant lover sometimes does. But really, all you need to know about these last few months that I have been remiss about blogging here is that I have been preoccupied with the whole wedding thing, which, surprisingly, I somehow manage to squeeze into my insanely busy work schedule. Since we got engaged last year, we haven't had time to really plan it out because we're still doing this long distance thing. But not for long because I am finally making my long overdue move to Singapore. Soon.

Another thing that you probably don't need to know as well but I want to share just the same is that I have been doing this podcast with StarDJ Mr. Fu which is one helluva fun. It IS hilarious! I have so far done two episodes (we had to cancel last week's podcast due to flooding and such) and the response from the audience has been very good. Of course, the whole country knows about Mr. Fu and the shadow cast by his fame on little-known me is just groovy! So now I have the license to go 'Oh yeah, i'm famous y'all!' hahaha.

So anyway, in this podacst aptly named WTFu, the two of us get to dole out sex and relationship advice with such liberal hand and enthusiasm like you won't believe, sometimes feeling all wise and zen-monk type - except that there is nothing zen about the phone-in, sms, and chat questions we get during the show. It's almost as if the lid on Pandora's Box has been lifted and out comes this barrage of very lurid secrets and erotic yearnings it makes even liberal-minded me blush an unnoticeable shade of crimson - thanks in large part to my dark complexion.

Right. On to the podcasts. This one right here was my first guesting and can I just say my ribs and jaw hurt from too much laughing that night! In fact, I won't be surprised if half the time I didn't make any sense at all because I was overcome by such frivolity - all because of Mr. Fu's antics and exceptional becky humor!

And then, a week after, they brought me back in again and I'm guessing it's because they took pity on me. Mehganon?!? That, by the way, is Mr. Fu's signature line. The second podcast I joined turned out to be more brazen with callers getting more and more intimate with their sharing and even more audacious with their questions. Nakakaloka lang! It was riotous just like the first one.

There is also a segment called 'Anech?' in which viewers are asked to guess what's in the paper bag and they get to win prizes like electric fans, mobile phones, and maybe later on, a date with Mr. Fu! But really, the highlight of the show is the outpouring of the most outrageous thoughts on sex and relationships, the Mr. Fu way!

With that, I'd like to invite all of you to catch WTFu every Wednesday at 9:00 - 10:30pm only on UStream. See you there!

Caveat: Not for the weak of hearts. Don't say I didn't warn you. -xoxoxo-

Monday, August 13, 2012

Thanks to ZALORA, I am (now) Ready For Rain!

Until a few days ago, I have only been browsing ZaloraPH on occasion - always mentally marking shoes and baubles I wanted to buy but never actually got around to making an actual purchase. Truth is, I'm not as big of an online shopper as most people nowadays probably are. Though my obsession with shoes is common knowledge to friends, colleagues, and blog followers (last count I have about five, hooray!), all of my pairs have been bought in-store. Until my search for funky rainboots led me to Zalora.

First, it was Plueys that got me hooked. I mean, have you seen those rainboots? Ahhh-do-ra-ble! I must have tripped on them for days, egging my colleagues to make the purchase with me, until finally I decided to wait no more and make my first purchase. Unfortunately, they no longer have my size for Plueys. I didn't even have time to mourn what could have been MY Plueys because my fickle heart caught a glimpse of this lovely pair of rainboots from Ready For Rain and, well, thought itself in love - again.

What followed after that was a fast, no-fuss, absolutely painless online transaction and a prompt phonecall from one of Zalora's customer service officers confirming my order and informing me of the delivery date and payment details. I'm no online shopping expert but if you ask me, this level of efficacy is exactly what busybodies like myself need. For non-credit cardholders, you don't even have to line up at the bank for over-the-counter transactions because you can make your payment upon delivery!

So I was beyond giddy to welcome my new babies when the unfortunate flooding incident happened and business, naturally, had to be halted. But even then, I did not have to wait much longer because in less that 48 hours after the rains have completely stopped, a Zalora delivery man came to the office bearing a huge box with my dream rainboots inside! I was right in the middle of a painful online meeting, in which we were getting roasted, but the sight of my new boots effectively put a smile on my face. It really doesn't take much to make me happy. My fiancé is so lucky! haha.

It was only after the online meeting that I was able to try them on and to my dismay, the size I ordered was too big for me. I'm normally a size 37 but weirdly enough, the boots were two sizes bigger. I suppose the sizing for this particular brand is much different from my usual fit. Anyway, I immediately sent an email and Twitter request for size replacement and they were, once again, very prompt and accommodating!

Now, I'm just waiting for the delivery guy to pick-up my rainboots and have ZaloraPH do their usual quality control check before a brand new replacement can be delivered at my doorstep. Meanwhile, I just filled my shopping cart with a few items I can't wait to try! I could seriously get used to this.:)

What's your Zalora story?

Friday, August 3, 2012


On July 29, I completed my 4th marathon and though my time was poor compared with last year's marathon, I'm still happy to note that I have kept my sub-5 record intact - despite this one being particularly painful. Literally. This was only the second time that I cramped so bad I don't think I would have made it without KB Runner pacing me and making sure I get some respite from the pain that was making my toes curl in my shoes! 

Thank you Keybs for the push!

The first time I felt pain akin to this, I ended up sprawled somewhere in that grassy patch of Nuvali, shamefully DNF-ing and worse, had to be taken back to the Start/Finish line on a stretcher! haha. Awful pain I had to contend with at the Milo race, on top of the blisters that inevitably formed because I was crazy enough to have had footspa and pedicure the night before the race. I did the same thing when I ran this year's BDM 102, yet there I was again, having my feet de-calloused the night before a marathon. I never learned. 

The race started on a somewhat gloomy note - for me, at least - because of the on again, off again rain and drizzle. I wasn't feeling particularly hot about the race having had almost zero sleep the previous day and carrying so much of work weight on my shoulders on account of a major company event we're all hard-pressed to deliver in just a few weeks. But, my zits and I agree that I need to get some serious outlet for my stress and being some kind of a masochist myself, the thought of running another marathon could not have been more appealing at that point.

And so, I pulled up my CW-X Stabilyx compression tights, laced up my Reebok Realflex, put on my game face and together with my Reebok teammate Titanum Runner, made my way to MOA to join a marauding colony of aspiring and established marathoners. 

At gunstart, I was off to a good start. Though I got a bit miffed by runners who would stop and take photos of each other,  barely two meters past the starting line. So you can just imagine how they're causing a delay for runners still at the back of the tape. I thought I was running on good form, passing a good number of runners along the way, until I felt the first pinch of cramps on my left hamstring somewhere along the Buendia flyover on our way back to MOA. That would be KM31 or so, if I'm not mistaken. My tolerance for pain is quite high so I did not immediately seek assistance. Little by little though, I would feel the cramps going up my knee to that spot just at the back of my thigh. That's when I saw KB with his friends. He noticed my limping and out of the goodness of his heart, decided to pace me - which made me feel guilty because I was clearly keeping him and his friends from gunning for a good marathon time.

I finished a small packet of iodized salt and just before the effect kicks in, my toes curled ala inverted lotus inside my shoes, I freaked out! Has any one of you had the same experience - ever? It was painful and at the same time, really weird, I was wincing one minute and shaking my head in disbelief next. Anyway, I was pretty convinced I wouldn't make it to the finish line at sub-5 hours. But thanks to KB who wouldn't hear of me going even slower or worse, quitting. Buti na lang!

At the finish line, marathon finishers were happily chatting - obviously buoyed by the size of the finisher's medal which were as big as saucer!  Some were taking photos - a staple in every race, really. I snapped a few shots myself before i joined my Reebok teammates Titanium Runner and Beep Beep at the Reebok booth. Kikayrunner, who placed third in the 10k division, was also there and we chatted for a bit before we all had to leave.

It was nice to see friends and other familiar faces at the race, which Milo and RunRio conducted superbly despite the uncooperative weather. Congratulations again to Kikayrunner and Rey(na)lynne for placing in their respective race categories. The day that I can run as fast as these two women would be the day that I would call myself a good runner. Meanwhile, I'm just happy to be called a runner. 


Oh, by the way, I saw the MILO Marathon results the other day and my chip time showed 4:58:29 - much slower than last year's, *sob sob sob* - and I'm ranked 694th out of 1,619 marathon runners. But then again, being faster than above 50% of the total number of runners that day couldn't possibly be that troubling. I'm being to hard on myself again.

Thank you MILO for an awesome race! (Maybe) next year ulit!